AUGUST 11th, 2018



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This story begins when three 2nd generation Mexican/American girls find a book titled “Mexico” amongst their grandma belongings. Curiosity and a search for identity opens the first chapter to this journey. As “Abuelita” would say, “to know where you are going you have to know where you come from”. She starts with the Mayan myth of the Serpent God, Quetzaquatl, and the courageous rabbit who sacrificed himself so he could live – “The Rabbit and the Moon”. 

Through the magic of the theater and dance, we fast forward from the Mayan Civilization to the influence Spain and other European entities left on our music and traditions. We journey from the Southern part of Mexico (Campeche) to the North (Nuevo Leon) giving way to a “Fiesta del Pueblo”, the night before the news of the rise for the Land and Liberty – The Mexican Revolution. 

“My mother was a Soldadera en la Revolucion, and in the middle of its triumphs and tragedies a love story was born, the beginning of MY Story”, abuelita says. Closing “her”story we give tribute to a legend, the great Pedro Infante. As the journey continues with the music and traditions of yesterday, we cultivate identity today and for the generations to come. 

Support Tierra Caliente Academy of Arts as we work towards the credibility and evolution of the representation of our Folklore in North County San Diego. The Cultural Arts are the Heart of our community, a community in need of more music, art, dance, poetry and identity. 

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Los Mayas (El Conejo y la Luna) (The Rabbit and the Moon)

Campeche Sarao

Arriva el Norte! (Nuevo Leon)

Revolucion Mexicana

Corridos Mexicanos

Son, Jarabe y Rumba


“Mexico…Creo en ti” recited by Jorge Esparza

Storyline presented by:

Maria Rodriguez (Grandma)

Aileen Rodriguez, Ally Lekvold, Luna Jaimes and Maya Jaimes (grandchildren)

Soloist Singer:

Daniella Maldonado

Executive Director:

Jose Jaimes

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