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Create cultural awareness through comprehensive artistic education that fosters excellence in all forms of the visual and performing arts. Advance knowledge, promote creativity and discipline, develop leadership and outreach to communities, especially under-privileged families

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It’s not only being part of what we do year round, but being there with us, step by step. Together making that needed difference

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Becoming a Patron of the Arts is unique! specially when you experience that passion on stage! Performers smiling back at you and hearing kids laugh!

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Perfect for that small business wanting to invest in outreach and self growth. Best way to grow is be out there, getting involved.

Our Community

It starts with a philanthropical approach to taking care of our youth in the academy. You, are the present, but without a doubt they are the future! As our communities become more diverse, it is crucial we nourish their understanding of compassion, empathy, acceptance and an understanding that we celebrate our similarities and respect our differences. 

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